Happy Winter’s Solstice! er…yesterday…

The shortest day of the year has come and gone and now we can look forward to longer days. I, uh, forgot to wish you a happy solstice yesterday. I, uh, actually forgot to observe the day myself.

Why am I wishing you a happy solstice? I believe that in order to live a healthier life we should be aware of what happens around us, not only on the news, but also in nature. I practice this philosophy by trying to eat foods in season and living more simply. Currently I am doing that by eating all the winter squash in China and trying to stay warm!

Already looking forward to spring on the second day of winter…


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  1. superkimbo Says:

    I think you may appreciate my husband’s recent post on this topic. He, too, enjoys the changing of the seasons and appreciating the simple life…

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