Global Rich List

Ever wondered just how rich you are? Feeling like a poor person because you couldn’t get a new computer this year or your car is a few years old? Want a new perspective?

Visit the Global Rich List webpage. Just plug in your yearly income, in USD, CAD, British Pounds, Yen or Euros and you will receive your ranking in the world.

Turns out that I am in the top 13.84% of the world population! I am the 830,707,293rd richest person in the world!! Imagine that! (And I make 500 euros a month so just imagine what YOUR rank is!)

I think that this website is very valuable. It really can change the way you think about wealth & money and the way that wealth & money is distributed in the world. I, for one, feel pretty darned fortunate to be so wealthy and so well off.


2 Responses to “Global Rich List”

  1. superkimbo Says:

    Wow! You’re right, that does put things into perspective. I’m in the top 0.98%. That really makes you think, since I certainly don’t feel like I’m living a life of luxury… Especially living abroad, I feel so lucky to have been born in the US. Even though I don’t agree with my country’s politics, I have the freedom to live and travel anywhere I want, and simply by virtue of my birth and education, I know I can do any job, anywhere in the world, if I just put my mind to it. In the end, I suppose that is the true value of being so “rich.”

  2. global gal Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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