The Box of Cookies is Looking at Me

I’ve been staring at this big box of biscuits (or cookies for the Americans) that my office mate has had sitting on her desk for a few weeks now. They are called Egg Milk Fragrant Crispy Biscuits. In smaller lettering the box reads, “The Joy is in the Daintiness.”

I’ve sort of become obsessed by the Egg Milk Biscuits. I’m dying to know more about the joy of the daintiness. Are they really fragrant and crispy? (I’ve been fooled by that label once before.) In the picture they do look rich and quite tasty – perfect for breakfast with some tea.

Today I ventured over to ask if I could try one – and discovered that the box is empty! I can’t stand the taunting anymore, especially since we have not been able to find the tiny, yet coarse biscuits we ate with such abandon back in Shijiazhuang. I’ve got to get to the supermarket to find some. Or maybe I just need to get back to work?


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