The Holiday Decorations are Up!

I spent a bit of time this afternoon putting up  my Christmas decorations – so what do you think?

Christmas Desktop

Okay, okay, so I didn’t actually put up any decorations. I actually downloaded them. When you are a frequent traveler you learn to travel light. So my holiday decor revolves around my mac desktop.

I have a cute Rudolph background with an interactive flashing tree – that I can actually decorate myself. For this photo I chose a purple tree with blue and red balls, a popcorn garland and flashing blue lights. You can’t see here but the screen saver is called snow and shows snowflakes randomly falling down the screen.

Christmas Mac

I think I should have found a desktop photo of a roaring fire because that is what I wish I had in my office.

I spend three hours in the morning in the classroom, moving around and teaching. The classroom is warm and I actually have to take my coat off in there. Then I have lunch, usually in the DH’s office, which is also relatively warm. But in the afternoon I return to my office on the first floor in order to prepare my lessons for the next day. Inevitably I am greeted by my officemate – Faye – bundled up in her coat, scarf and hat. See, our office is heated in the morning, but then the heat goes off in the afternoon. I end up looking like this while at my desk:

Cold Office Gear

I’ll soon be investing in a portable heating lamp. We’re only in the first week of December and we are averaging between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius. I imagine it is going to get a bit colder, although I have read the lows around here rarely drop below -5 to -10 Celsius. (I remember back in Toronto that when we hit -5 everyone headed to the bar and restaurant patios to soak up some sun and warmth! Ha!) Things are not that bad, though, I could be in Baotou (Inner Mongolia) where some of our friends are – where it is already -10.


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