I Have Become Helen Hot Water!

The title of this entry is supposed to be a cryptic message for my sister-in-law, but let me explain it a little. When I first came to China I thought it strange that many people liked to drink hot water. I could understand hot tea – but boiling hot water?

Well, I’ve converted. Or I’ve become accustomed. Especially in winter. I guess working in a poorly heated office in zero degree weather helps. Holding the hot cup warms the hands. So sis-in-law you can now officially start calling me Heather Hot Water.

We are back in Linyi this evening and it is so cold! We finished up our visa paperwork in Qingdao and I was quite shocked when I found out that the whole process took only 4 days. (Turns out 4 days is the norm.) Our previous employer, Panam, kept our passports for nearly 3 months to accomplish the same thing – a residence visa and foreign expert certificate. Something seems fishy…


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