The Linyi Airport

Today is sunny and cold – perfect for taking pictures. So here are some photos of our new home and workplace:

This is the building where our offices are currently located. It is cold inside!!

Shandong Building

Here is the Linyi Airport terminal building. It is pretty small as there is only one gate.

Linyi Terminal

Here is another shot from the parking lot. I found this angle humorous because you can see a handicapped parking sign. Unlike in the US, this handicapped parking space is as far as one could possibly get from the entrance to the terminal.

Handicap Spot

This is the building where our hotel room is located. Some of the rooms are offices and some are hotel rooms. We’re on the second floor. We still haven’t figured out the hot water schedule and now our bathtub won’t drain anymore. We’re pretty desperate to move into the city – good news on that front, we should be looking at some apartments this week!

Airport Hotel Linyi

And here is a shot of the view from our hotel room – a pond and small park.

Airport Park

With the sun and blue skies we’re really feeling positive. Nothing like good weather and conspicuoulsy missing pollution to brighten your day.


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