The Lost Photos

I was just checking through my bookmark folder when I came across Photobucket – an image hosting site. I had forgotten that last year I created an account and uploaded some photos. I remembered that I had uploaded them, but then lost track of them. So here they are!

These pictures were taken on 1 October 2005, China’s National Day, in Shijiazhuang, China. We (DH, American T & Me) spent the day in the park – being stared at, eating weird things on a stick, and chatting with a little Chinese girl.

The crowded streets & lovely air quality

Me in the park

Decorations in the park
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More crowds & me in the middle of it all
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Our table in the park where we chatted with a little Chinese girl in English. She ordered her father to buy us beers!

Our favorite restaurant at the Shijiazhuang airport (that no longer exists) The Mongols. Here – a waitress, DH and the American T

Our favorite meal – Pork in Fish Sauce with Boiled & Barbequed Bread

The DH digging in. He is quite handy with the chopsticks!

I can’t believe that these photos are more than one year old! When these were taken I was still very new to China and every day was an adventure. (Actually, that is still pretty true!)


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  1. Tyler Says:

    That American T is one great looking guy!

  2. Tolety Says:

    I sure like that American T. He is SOOOO HOT

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