Cold Days & Mobile Phones

Today was a cold, rainy & windy day – miserable. I had to put on every coat that I brought with me just to stay warm! I thought that this part of China was supposed to have mild weather, but I was wrong.

Looks like I am going to have to go one more step native and buy a pair of long-johns. The rush on long-johns is long over, so I should be able to shop in peace. (Last year in October, I blogged about how everyone in Shijiazhuang was rushing to the department stores to buy long-johns for the winter.)

I got a SIM card for my mobile phone today so I feel very connected again. Mobile phones are pretty much a necessity everywhere in the world these days. In China, as in most places, the race is on to purchase the latest, top of the line phone. Everyone has one. I myself use a Motorola that is evidently only sold in the Asian market. While it is quite fancy, it is fast falling behind and I soon will be ashamed to pull it out. I’m kind of out of touch with mobile phone technology in the US, but it seems to me that Asia is leaps & bounds ahead of the US in their passion for the cell. Is that true?

One last thing – and you’re probably gonna wish I didn’t share this! I am officially and completely desensitized to filthy bathrooms! I think at this point I could use anything as long as it has a door, and I’m pretty sure I could even do without the privacy were the situation to arise. This is what China does to you!


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