Blighted Homeland

This doesn’t have anything to do with China, but I thought that some of my family from the 4 corners area of the US might be interested in this story I found in the LA Times.

Uranium mining was huge in the 4 corners – where Colorado, Utah, Arizona & New Mexico meet. I remember distinctly my father talking about his friends who worked in the uranium mines in New Mexico. I also remember hearing about tailing ponds that were lakes of viruntly radioactive material.  (I’m not sure that viruntly is a word, but you get my idea.)

The LA Times newspaper is running a four part series about this uranium mining and how it has affected the Navajo Indians in the area. The Navajo are a group particularly close to my heart and I was just horrified to read the articles. Again, another case of humanity’s reckless disregard for both the planet and her people.

Blighted Homeland 


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