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I Have Successfully Tunneled Under the Great Firewall of China

20 November 06

Ha! Take that Great Firewall of China! Thanks to Tor I am blogging all willy-nilly on a blocked blogging platform within China!! (Also thanks the Firefox – the google search bar is the only way I can access google!) I am quite shocked that there is a noticeable difference in the amount of website blockages in just the last three months!

See, after a long journey passing through 7 airports (Aviles, Madrid, Frankfurt, Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai Hongqiao, Qingdao & Linyi) I finally arrived to Linyi only to find wordpress blogs blocked within China. I panicked, until common sense sent me searching for a way around the censorship. I am glad to report where there is a will, there is a way! For those of you in China and in despair, Tor is your new best friend. It is seamless and integrated (and slow!) but you don’t have to go to a pesky proxy website everytime you want to visit a blocked site.
So I’m here, I’m online, and I’m okay! I spent most of the day figuring out how to blog freely, and now I am cold, hungry and ready to go home so I will be updating with news of Linyi and more tomorrow.