Welcome to On the Fringe

Welcome to my new blog, On the Fringe. For those of you coming from the Mindsay blog, you will find that I’ve already transferred all 200 blog posts here. Also, the comments have been turned on here, and you don’t need to register, so comment away if you like!

As I announced on Mindsay, the DH and I are moving back to China. We’ll be leaving on Wednesday. I hope to have access to the internet by the weekend so that I can update at that time.

Have a good week!


4 Responses to “Welcome to On the Fringe”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Ivans written English is too hard to read sometimes so I depend on you to keep up to date. I’m dying to hear about you two back in China. I wish I had stayed so don’t get lazy and not update!

  2. superkimbo Says:

    Just found your blog today, via wordpress tagging. I’m also an expat (first in Germany, now in KL, Malaysia – maybe China someday). Looking forward to hearing your stories!

  3. Jason S Says:

    Yes! Blog away!

  4. global gal Says:

    Hi Everyone! Thanks for the comments. Wow, 3 comments. I never had that much action on my mindsay blog!

    Tyler – Don’t worry, I will keep you posted. Maybe I’ll even let Ivan guest blog just to throw you off! We miss you, American T!

    Superkimbo – Always great to meet a fellow expat. I loved KL when I visited last May, it seems like a great city. I hope you enjoy it!

    Jason S – I’ll try to do that, if the Chinese government will let me! 😉

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