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4 November 06

McDonalds has conquered the world, this we know. There is hardly a spot left on the planet where you can’t find McDs, Starbucks (or fourbucks), or Pizza Hut.

In China, the McD workers get to wear special McJeans. Do your local McD employees wear them?

China McJeans China McDonalds Jeans

These photos were difficult to obtain. I don’t know if it is Chinese paranoia about taking pictures or McDonalds’ paranoia, but if you whip out a camera in a Chinese McDonalds you are going to have problems. Someone told me it was because they didn’t want people taking pictures of the prices. (Maybe the workers just don’t like people taking pictures of their bums.) I stealthily snapped these pics on my phone, which is why they are not stellar quality.

Incidentally, fast food places in China are always packed!