Score One for the Bloggers

Good News! Mahmood’s Den is open and unblocked! This was not an outright win for bloggers and anti-censorship, however, because Mahmood was able to get his site back up and running because he removed some of the so-called offensive content (the stuff on election scandals). BUT, he was able to meet with the Information Ministry to present his demands for more blogger and media freedoms. I think that he did the best he could in his situation. The fact that the Ministry was willing to sit down and talk with him must mean something. On his site, Mahmood recommends bloggers who want to raise a little hell with their governments should do it anonymously, lest they end up in jail.

I say more people with opinions everywhere in the world should start blogging, even if it is anonymously. Can any country really ignore thousands and thousands of dissenting blog voices?

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