Phone Photos – Chinese Breakfast Taco

Yes! I finally managed to get the photos off of my phone and onto my laptop!

One of my favorite cheap eats in China was the infamous Chinese Breakfast Taco. They are cheap (1 kuai or an 1/8th of a $), tasty, hot & available everywhere. (They are even better at 3AM but that is another blog.)
They consist of a flat tortilla/pita-like bread filled with fried egg, onion, carrots and perhaps a slice of a hot dog smothered in some kind of brown soy-like sauce and then rolled up.

I mentioned my fondness for the CBT to two of my students who were horrified by my eating dirty peasant food on the street.  (No joke. Although I regularly saw Chinese of all walks of life eating the CBTs, these students felt that I should not because they might be dirty. I appreciated their thoughtful regard for my digestive system, but what they didn’t realize is that I’ve eaten things way dirtier in the school’s cafeteria.)

So with no further adieu – the Chinese Breakfast Taco. (Incidentally, these photos were taken on the day this blog post was written, March 2006.)

Okay, I’ve posted large size photos so you can easily see all the details. Above is the sweet Chinese lady who was all giggly as she prepared our tacos. She got all serious when I took the photo and she was quite proud as a crowd gathered around. You can see the griddle she uses to cook on. The round thing is the bread and egg, the carrots are heating. To the right are various bowls and buckets holding the ingredients. The red bucket with the axle grease-looking substance is the yummy sauce that gets spread all over the bread. This is the street where we encountered a little market. You can see a meat stand in the alley behind.

Here she is preparing to crack another egg onto the griddle, because we ordered two tacos. In this photo you have better views of the street scene. Did you notice the sleeve guards she is wearing? These things are extremely popular in China in the winter, especially among restaurant staff.

This little boy loves the finished product, and so did we. On the table you can see a box of the hot dog-like sausages that are an optional add-on to the taco, and also a bowl of spice mixture.

Yumm-Yumm. I sure do miss that grease.


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