A Red Yellow River?

Ever since I posted about the most polluted city in China and Guilin’s Li river, I have been considering a post about the mighty Yangtze river and the Three Gorges Dam project – a topic that I am very interested in. (That will be coming soon!)

I’ve been reading a lot of web pages about the river and today I came across this article about a different, but also very important river in China, the Yellow river. It seems that the Yellow river mysteriously turned red! Turns out it was dye that was flushed into the river from a heating company.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. During my time in China I heard many stories about the seriously polluted state of the Yellow river, which flows from Western China across the heart of the country to the China Sea, passing countless chemical factories, farmlands and cities, all of which regularly dump untreated water into the river. And of course, you must have heard about the benzene spill into the Songhua River in northeastern China, forcing the city of Harbin to shut off its water for several days. MMMM. Benzene.

It’s like what they say about the Nile – Drink from the Nile and you’ll always return to Egypt. (Drink from the Nile and you’ll never leave Egypt!)


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