ESPN?! Let’s See Some Fact-Checking

Okay, I have to complain. I just went to the ESPN website to see what they had to say about the F1 race. First of all, it was virtually impossible for me to locate the link that led to ONE story about the race. Then I read the story. HORRIBLE! Who is this writer? They made all sorts of mistakes in their reporting.


“In Spain, tens of thousands of jubilant Spaniards waved banners in honor of Alonso. A crowd of 6,000 poured into the streets of Oviedo, his hometown. People danced in the Plaza de America square and splashed in a fountain, Oviedo’s traditional gathering place for triumphant sports moments. Many fans, wearing the blue-and-yellow colors of Renault, chanted, ‘Champion Alonso.'”

Fact-checking, please! Blue and yellow are the colors of ASTURIAS!


Believe me, all those crazy Spaniards in Oviedo (20 KM from Aviles) are not running around in Renault’s colors. They could care less about Renault. They are wearing Asturias’ colors, celebrating Alonso, the Asturian’s victory! (They were doing the same thing in Aviles!)


“‘Thank you, thank you,’ said Alonso, who waved a Brazilian flag before his fans. “Both championships again. It’s been a pleasure for me. I wish you the best.'”

Again, fact-checking please! Why would Alonso wave a Brazilian flag!? Nonsense! It was Felipe Massa who was waving the flag, deliriously happy with his victory. Although, those are the comments of Alonso .

Associated Press – Let’s see if you can get your act together!


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