Formula One Racing


I don’t know if any of you have been following F1 racing. I am not a huge sports fan, in fact, I don’t even watch the Superbowl. (I know, I’m a very bad American.) I have been following F1 racing lately, though, because the current world champion, (and soon to be for a second year), Fernando Alonso, is from Asturias. You can hardly go anywhere without seeing his photo or seeing his face in a TV commercial.

Today is the 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paolo. It is the last race of the season. For those of you who know very little about F1, the world leader for many years has been the German Michael Schumacher. This year Schumacher is retiring. He and Alonso are very close in their pointage and the Brazilian race will decide who will be the world champion. Of course, Schumacher would like to have the championship for his retirement, but it doesn’t look likely. If Alonso finishes within the first 8 spots, he will be the champion.

So even thought sports isn’t my thing, I’m excited about this race. Everyone in Spain will be watching this evening as the home town hero wins again!

Alonso started out racing karts at a very young age – something like 5 or less years! Last week, the DH and I and a few friends went to the kart track where Alonso raced as a youngster.

Kart track oviedo
(The floating orbs are kinda freaky – huh?)

Right now they are not renting karts because they are building a brand new track. So we drove a little further away to Pola de Siero to another kart track. (Who knew they were so popular?) There the DH and a friend got to take an 8 minute ride around the track.

Ivan karting Kart track Pola de Siero

The race starts in a few hours… I’ll post the results later this evening!


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