Where am I Now?

A tropical beach? Thailand? Malaysia? Hawaii?

Concha del Artedo

No! I am still in Spain! This photo was taken at Playa Concha de Artedo in La Muños, Asturias, Spain.

Palm trees are very common here, even in the north of Spain. In fact, a palm tree planted in front of a large house used to signify that the owner was a returned immigrant to the new world – Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela. Their homes are called Casa de Indianos, since they have returned from the Indies. In the 19th and 20th century, many Asturians immigrated to the Americas to make their fortunes. Many have never returned, but in these countries you will find Asturian cultural associations, since many families have retained some of the Asturian culture.

Concha del Artedo 2

The beach is beautiful and calm, very relaxing. The rocks are good, too, because sometimes you get tired of sand.

Concha Ivan & Heather

Here is the DH with a dog that just sort of adopted us.

Ivan & Adopted Dog

These pictures were taken during a brief holiday spent with friends at this beach. Spain was celebrating October 12th – the “Dia de la hispanidad” or Spanishness Day, also known as the saint day of Pilar. In America you know this day as Colombus Day. This day is also my “Suegro” or (father-in-law’s) birthday. The holiday fell on a Thursday, so many people will also take off the Friday so they end up with a 4 day weekend. This is called a “puente” in Spanish, which literally means bridge. I tell you, these Spaniards know how to live!


2 Responses to “Where am I Now?”

  1. Mélinette Says:

    Hola Heather,
    Sige el enlace que dejaste a bajo de tu comentario en mi blog asturiano 😉
    No conocia la historia de las palmeras delante de las casas…
    Lo que savia es que hay aqui una tradición qui dice que tener una higuera delante de la casa, lleva suerte a la familia que vive alli. Suerte o dinero, no me acuerdo bien, per algo asi 😉
    Bueno, yo tengo 2 palmeras y una higuera delante de la mia, asi estoy en orden con las leyendas de aqui ;-))) (salvo que somos emigrantes de Belgica, no del otro lado del nuevo mundo, per bueno 🙂
    Es un placer de descubrir que tienes un blog tambien, voy a volver.
    Hasta pronto !

    PS: que bonita esta playa, no la conocia… seguro que un dia de estos voy ir a verla con mi familia. Gracias por hacerme conocerla a traves de tus fotos 🙂

  2. Mélinette Says:

    corección: emigrante “del otro lado del atlantico” o “del nuevo mundo”… no los 2 a la vez 😉

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