La Senda del Oso, or The Bear’s Path

La Senda del Oso, or the Bear’s Path, is an easy walking and bicycling trail in the heart of Asturias. It was built over the remains of a railroad built to unite the mines in the mountains with the Arms factory in the city of Trubia. The arms factory is still in use, and no, they do not produce legs. Ha Ha.

The route passes through typical Asturian villages and follows the Trubia River, which pleasantly gurgles and babbles along the trail.

We walked the first stage of the trail, from Tunon to Proaza, about 14 kilometers round trip.

DH next to the Pre-Romanic church Santo Adriano. Here you can see my amazing photographic skills in action, with the telephone pole positioned in line with DH’s head.

Several times along the trail we crossed over the river. Here I am on one of the bridges.

Villanueva is the first village that we entered.

From this village you can begin the hike up one of the mountains on a separate trail called “El Desfiladero de Las Xanas.” Xanas are mythical creatures, kind of like sirens, who live in mountain springs and creeks. Villanueva has a Medieval bridge – here we are on it:

And another church, twelfth century.

And of course, horreos. Horreos are traditional Asturian buildings where grain and food was stored. They are designed to prevent mice and animals from entering and destroying the stores of grain.

Further along the trail we passed an enclosed area where two Iberian bears live – Paca and Tola. We didn’t see the bears. Maybe that is because the day before one of them was naughty and injured the hand of a worker who approached the enclosure.

“Prohibido lanzar alimentos y objetos” Do not throw food or objects.

At the end of the first stage is the village of Proaza.

La Senda del Oso is just one of many trails found in Asturias.


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