Reminiscence – Hot Pot Nights

What do I miss the most about China? Possibly, Hot Pot nights!! We had for a while a ritual known as “Family Night” where we would go out to eat Hot Pot in a large group. (Usually the group consisted of all the usual rowdy flight instructors who didn’t have an early flight in the morning.) The table would be covered in food, and all the guys would simultaneously attack the boiling pot, looking for pieces of meat. The waiters would always look on in astonishment as we ordered more and more food and beer. At the end of the evening, the table would resemble a war zone. I can remember at least one Hot Pot Night that grew to legendary status…

Here is a photo of a much more sedate Hot Pot Night that we spent with DH’s students. We were celebrating a birthday and the awarding of a PPL (private pilot license) and Instrument rating. Left to Right: Weigo, Grant, Gavin, Brian, M and DH.
Hot Pot with the Boys
Notice how clean the table is – that would never happen at a Family Night!


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