Hola desde España!

Greetings from Spain! I’m writing from the DH’s parent’s house. We are in the North of Spain, where it is incredibly green and beautiful. Today I spent 5 minutes just staring at the blue sky. I’d forgotten what individual clouds look like!

We had a long journey to get here, starting with a horrible check-in at the Beijing airport where we had to pay a small fortune in overweight baggage charges. At least our things are here and I can breathe easier.

The next few weeks we will be doing all the things we missed out on in China – mostly eating and ….eating! Already we have had a few delicious meals and I am in heaven!

This week we will also be buying a camera to replace the one that mysteriously went missing a few weeks ago. (Meaning the DH has no idea where he left it.) I will post some photos when we do.

Now that we are in relax mode, perhaps I will have time to post more reflections on my time in China. It seems like we chose a good time to leave as we have heard things are not so good at the company. I have a lot to reflect on about that, too!

More to come!


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