Packing is the Pits, Saying Good-Bye is the Worst

Packing is just about the worst thing you can do. You are confronted by the staggering amount of belongings you own, half of which you had forgotten about, pushed to the back of the closet. This is all the more frustrating when you have a 30kg weight limit to deal with.

What am I talking about? What is going on? Why am I packing? Going Native and the DH are on the move again. This time we are saying good-bye to China and hello to something new.

In a few days we will be back in Spain, visiting family and friends that we haven’t seen in 4 years. Then we will make some important decisions about what is next for us. I have a pretty good idea about where we will be going, but I’d like to wait and be sure before I announce it.

I spent my last day in Shijiazhuang yesterday getting a haircut – one of my favorite activities in China. Then I visited the World Trade Plaza lounge and drank espresso while reading the International Herald Tribune. Then I picked up a few last groceries from the store before returning to the airport. On Tuesday evening we will be travelling to Beijing, to spend two nights there before our flight to Spain on Thursday.

Saying good-bye to any place is always a little difficult, but I’ve gotten quite used to it. (Since  I’ve moved so much!) This time, it will be difficult to say good-bye to the great friends we’ve made here. The physicality will not be missed. As for PanAm – the flight school – well, I’ve got some things to say about that later.

The blog has a new look for our transitional time. I will most likely be updating again when we are in Spain on Friday. I still have a lot of reflecting to do on this year in China. Stay tuned, because this is a really exciting time for us! Wanderlust has struck again.

Now back to the suitcases and the piles of STUFF…

update, later in the afternoon ~
The packing is horrible. I wish my mom were here. She knows how to pack I’ve got one suitcase full to 33 kilos and more to go. We have too much stuff. I long for the days when I can finally travel light. The DH keeps insisting everything will fit, that we’ll not have too much luggage, that everything will be fine. I’ve banned him from the room!


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