Computer Woes Continue

It appears that I am now the proud owner of a very expensive, shiny, silver Mac paperweight.

It has been delivered to the Apple store to see if anything can be done to either resurrect it or reclaim the data from the hard drive.

I’m trying to put this all behind me and pretend that I am over it, but it is a difficult thing to have so much one day, and so little the next.

Let this be a warning to you all —— Back-up, Back-up, Back-up. Do it now. Do not risk losing your data, files, photos, music, ebooks, etc. as I may have done.

On a more positive note – today it was 20 degrees in Shijiazhuang! Just like fall. We’ve had tons of rain so everything is very green, too. I enjoy a green, lush environment with fog and mist, but it is not too conducive to flying, and I fear that within all that fog and mist lurks a bevy of chemicals and smoke particles. NICE!


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