On the Road Again

Tomorrow I will be embarking on an adventure around China with my mother, sister, & sister-in-law. It will be a 4 hour journey for me to arrive at the Beijing Airport. For them it will be a long trans-pacific plane ride that, coincidentally, begins right now, half way around the world, in Houston, Texas. (Better known in China as home to Yao Ming, the basketball hero.)

I’ll have my trusty laptop with me, since I’ll be staying in the kinds of hotels that actually have internet connections, as opposed to the cheapo dives I usually stay in. In fact, this trip will be quite a lot different from the recent trips I’ve taken, most notably being that we will have a guide and a planned itinerary. So, basically, there is nothing to do but lay back, relax and enjoy the tour! (No bus schedules to figure out, no train tickets to buy in a crazy foreign language, no hotels to track down.)

I’ll be blogging updates from the road and posting pictures on Flickr, that way the folks left behind can stay up to date on where we are. (Well,  that is my intention, we’ll see if I am able.)

Unfortunately, DH has to work, so he will be one of the “left behind.” One of us must work while the other plays!! Smiley


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