Interesting Things at Shijiazhuang Airport

Christmas Tree Carnage
Apparant Christmas tree carnage – Don’t ask why.

These workers, along with a whole army of others, spent the whole day grooming the lawn in front of the hotel. Evidently it is lawn grooming season, because there was another army of workers grooming the lawn in front of the terminal building, the academy and the other hotel. These are exceedingly hard working local farmers. Two of these men were dumbstruck upon noticing me. They stared at me with such curiosity and intensity I am sure I must be either the first Westerner they have seen up close, or the palest.

Comb Over Man
Lastly, this picture actually isn’t from the airport, but I thought it was so great, I wanted to share it. This is a man at our favorite hot pot restaurant. He had been drinking alcohol, sweating over the hot pot and his comb over was just not holding up under all that pressure.


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