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L-A-Z-Y Blogging

29 June 06

I’ve been back home for almost a week now, but have yet to update the blog. Sorry folks, I’m low on time right now and feelin’ pretty lazy. I’ve got  to update soon, though, or I’m gonna forget all the details of the trip! So stay tuned…


China Tour Day 8

15 June 06

What happened to Day 1 to 7?

Hello from Kunming…

I know I said I ‘d be updating from the road, but tour travel is insanely busy and I’ve been wiped out every night! We have been to 4 cities already, and they are all different. Beijing – hot, with blue skies. Xi’an – very hot and dry. Guilin – hot and humid. Kunming – pleasant and blue skies. I’ve taken a gazillion photos! When I have a bit more time, I will fill in the details and my thoughts so far. Just wanted to let you all know that I am having a fabulous time!

On the Road Again

6 June 06

Tomorrow I will be embarking on an adventure around China with my mother, sister, & sister-in-law. It will be a 4 hour journey for me to arrive at the Beijing Airport. For them it will be a long trans-pacific plane ride that, coincidentally, begins right now, half way around the world, in Houston, Texas. (Better known in China as home to Yao Ming, the basketball hero.)

I’ll have my trusty laptop with me, since I’ll be staying in the kinds of hotels that actually have internet connections, as opposed to the cheapo dives I usually stay in. In fact, this trip will be quite a lot different from the recent trips I’ve taken, most notably being that we will have a guide and a planned itinerary. So, basically, there is nothing to do but lay back, relax and enjoy the tour! (No bus schedules to figure out, no train tickets to buy in a crazy foreign language, no hotels to track down.)

I’ll be blogging updates from the road and posting pictures on Flickr, that way the folks left behind can stay up to date on where we are. (Well,  that is my intention, we’ll see if I am able.)

Unfortunately, DH has to work, so he will be one of the “left behind.” One of us must work while the other plays!! Smiley

In the Midst of Chaos

4 June 06

Today while driving through the city in a taxi, I had a little realization. Amidst all that traffic chaos – bicycles everywhere, weaving between vehicles, pedestrians in the middle of the road, buses swerving around cars and into oncoming traffic, cars changing lanes without warning, overloaded trucks in the middle of it all – I don’t even notice it anymore. I’m not even bothered by it!? What am I gonna do when I return to a tranquil and calm land, where one can cross the road safe in the knowledge that the cars will stop, that the red light means stop, that sidewalks are for people?

Hi! Mao you doing?

3 June 06

Mao 2

Interesting Things at Shijiazhuang Airport

2 June 06

Christmas Tree Carnage
Apparant Christmas tree carnage – Don’t ask why.

These workers, along with a whole army of others, spent the whole day grooming the lawn in front of the hotel. Evidently it is lawn grooming season, because there was another army of workers grooming the lawn in front of the terminal building, the academy and the other hotel. These are exceedingly hard working local farmers. Two of these men were dumbstruck upon noticing me. They stared at me with such curiosity and intensity I am sure I must be either the first Westerner they have seen up close, or the palest.

Comb Over Man
Lastly, this picture actually isn’t from the airport, but I thought it was so great, I wanted to share it. This is a man at our favorite hot pot restaurant. He had been drinking alcohol, sweating over the hot pot and his comb over was just not holding up under all that pressure.


2 June 06

It is stifling here in Shijiazhuang, and that is not a good thing when there is so much pollution in the air and the hotel hasn’t turned on our A/C yet because the designated “turn on the A/C” day has not yet arrived. ARRRGGGHHHH.

Remember the naked posts that were planted at the academy a while ago? They’re sprouting shaggy leaves:

Shaggy Posts