Malaysia, Truly Asia

In Malaysia’s tourism advertisements, the country is touted as being “truly Asia,” representing various cultures of Asia within one country. I’ve already mentioned the diversity and multi-culturalism that makes Malaysia so interesting. Unfortunately, as I browsed through my holiday photos, I realize that they do not really give a good overview of the people or the architecture that I liked so much. I think I was too busy melting in the heat to take pictures. Or it could have been the torrential downpours that left me doing this:
KL Downpour
instead of taking photos!

Anyway, here are the photos I like the best of the ones I took:

The beautiful Petronas Towers, no longer the tallest buildings in the world, but still very interesting architecture. They form a 5 point star, representing the 5 pillars of Islam.
Petronas Towers

One line of the Kuala Lumpur transit system. A way to avoid the rain and heat! These stations may look familiar if you have seen the movie “Entrapment.”
Kuala Lumpur Monorail

In KL we meant to explore Chinatown, looking for shopping bargains. Instead, we sat in this food court, drank Tiger beers and waited for a break in the rain.

KL Chinatown Petaling Street KL Chinatown Food Court

After KL, we visited Langkawi Island. The first night we stayed in a nice beach chalet, the second in a more economical hostel. One of the places we visited is 7 Wells, natural pools formed by a river.

Langkawi Beach Hut Seven Wells

Here is a photo of some interesting architecture found around Melaka, in the Southwest of Malaysia.

Melaka House

Our last destination was Tioman Island – a practically deserted island dream!

Nipah Left View Tioman Dream Nipah Right View Nipah Beach
Nipah Village is only accessible via the water, there are no roads. It was quiet, peaceful and relaxing. There is excellent snorkeling off in both directions, as well as great food. More of a shack than a resort, but what more do you need when you are already in a natural paradise? I wish I had photos of the underwater life. Snorkeling there is like jumping into the aquariums at Seaworld. Utterly incredible. The seabed is alive with all kinds of coral, thousands of colorful tropical fish and even reef sharks. Nemo? Found him, and all of his brothers and sisters, too. I’ve never seen anything like it.

The hammock where I spent most of my time – occupied by DH, and the view upwards that lulled me to sleep many an afternoon! (Falling coconuts the only danger!)
Lazy Hammock Hammock View
If you ever find yourself in want of a holiday in an interesting and exotic locale, why not choose Malaysia? It is, as they say, Truly Asia.
(Corny enough for ya?)


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