Electricity Woes

Grrrrr…..  All I wanted was some coffee. Just some boiling hot water so I could mix up a nescafe. Boiling water is ubiquitous in China. It’s the one thing you can always count on.

Not today. A few months ago the hotel distributed handy little electric kettles. I already shared my creative use of the kettle – boiling eggs. Well, today I decided to use it for it’s true purpose. Seems that using an electric kettle saps a great deal of electrical energy and it ended up blowing all the power outlets in our room. Nice. Then, when I went to try to find some hot water in the giant hot water heaters they have on every floor – they are all turned off.

So now I have to try to explain to the maintenance people that our power outlets don’t work, and they need to be fixed. (I’m almost out of phone battery, laptop battery, etc…) Usually not a big deal, but in China, the littlest thing can be a big deal.

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