It’s Time Again for a Vacation from our Vacation

Yes, that’s right, we will soon be on the road again (technically in the air) on our way to our quarterly vacation. This time we are headed to Malaysia! We will be leaving May 4th and returning May 14th. I will try to blog some updates along the way, but in case I can’t, I just wanted to let you know ahead of time.

Once again we are doing this is in a semi-spur of the moment kind of way, seeing as how we leave in a few days and I just started to look at hotels and bus schedules and of course we have no guide book. Okay, I am probably freaking my parent’s out now so don’t worry, I do have a plan. (And we have several friends and friends of friends in Kuala Lumpur.)

So far our itinerary is to show up in KL, spend a few days, head south to a charming Portuguese city called Melaka, and then who knows? The good news is that Malaysia is a friendly country with very little in the way of troubles, unlike nearby Indonesia. We have considered making the jump over to Malaysian Borneo to see some serious rain forest and the orangutans, but I’m not sure we’ll have time this trip. I am dying to hold a baby orangutan. (If my family were here right now at least one sibling and possibly a parent would make some wise-crack about me returning to my roots or finding my long last family… Speaking of said sibling, didn’t you just get older?)

Anyway, for the geographically challenged, this is where we are going:

Malaysia is made up of two parts – a penninsula bordering with Thailand, and an island to the east, two thirds of which belong to Indonesia. You can see Malaysia above in light green.

Above is a closer look at the two parts of Malaysia.

And finally, above is a close up of the penninsula, where we will be spending our time.
Well, I’m off to plan this new adventure!


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