Ji Dan (Chicken Egg)

Today – shopping in the city. I need two things – bread and eggs.

I find the bread I want easily. It has taken some time to try and test the different brands until I find one that I will repeatedly buy. (The one that most closely resembles wheat bread.) Loaded up on bread, I head over to the egg area. (Passing through the meat area on my way – don’t go there if you have a weak stomach or are a vegan.)

When it comes to buying eggs you have to be careful because there are so many different types of eggs on sale here – duck, chicken, furry, brown, white, black. I don’t even want to know what kind of animal lays a black egg. I search, but I do not find a package that has a picture of a chicken on it.

About to give up, I spot a crowd of older women clucking and sqwaking, not unlike a bunch of hens. I move in closer to have a look. (Very typical Chinese behavior of me. The people here are very curious and if they see someone looking intently at something they will all run over to have a look.) It turns out that chicken eggs are on promotion. All the women are eagerly thrusting plastic bags towards the sales girls trying to get them filled up with eggs. I jump in among them and thrust my bag out, too. There are no queues in China!

Grand total for 20 eggs – 63 cents. Buying eggs among a gaggle of women in China – priceless.


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