Xing Cheng Pu

Xing Cheng Pu is “The Village” and the DH and I went there today for a quick bite to eat.

This is where we ate:

This lady, and millions more like her all across China, make what I can only describe as large, thin crepes, smothered in beaten egg and hot sauce, topped with green onions and sliced sausage and folded up like a square – soft, salty, crunchy in places and delicious. Almost as good as the Chinese Breakfast Taco. Her crepe cart is mobile – it has a bicycle attached to the front so she can ride off with it at the end of the day. A large crepe, a complete meal, cost 3 yuan, which I suspect was Laowai pricing – I’m sure the local rate is much lower. (That is about 40 cents.) We also had some sliced pineapple as dessert.


Here are some more shots of the village, some that were taken months ago, in the early fall.

A restaurant in the Village:

The village is always interesting because although it can be incredibly dusty and dirty, there is always something to laugh about. For instance, today while we waited for our crepes to finish, a little old man approached us and spoke a little in Chinese. We told him we couldn’t speak Chinese, but he kept talking to us and looking us up and down. When we sat to eat, he sat next to us and just watched every move we made. I am so used to it now that I am not at all self-conscious. I don’t think I’ll ever be self-conscious again!


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