Update on the Russian Restuarant

I’ve been meaning to correct some information that I wrote about the Russian Restaurant ages ago here on the blog. When we first arrived here, I thought that the Russians was run by a Chinese family. They seemed like family. Well it turns out that they were not a family but a business – a manager and waitresses. A few months ago, new management took over the restaurant and our favorite staff were replaced by a new manager, new waitresses and new chefs. The food continues to be as greasy as ever, with some really good stuff and some really strange stuff. We still manage to eat here way more than is good for any North American cholesterol level.

The menu has increased to include all kinds of Western, Russian and Chinese dishes, and they are pretty good at taking requests, too. The new staff still caters to the Russian pilots as they all speak Russian. We are working on improving their English. Also, it seems that the restaurant has a name – Li Zi. It will always be “the Russians” to us, however.

Here are some photos taken at a going away party for one of the Spanish Contingent members. (There were 6 Spaniards here and now we are down to 4!)

The new welcoming sign outside:

The going away party:

The waitresses and the chef:

The worst thing on sale at the Russians – Vile, cheap Russian vodka. Anyone who drinks this ends up in a mighty mess the next day. Really bad stuff, so we call it the “Anti-vodka.” The Russian pilots drink it like water!

If you have any problems seeing the above photos, just visit my Flickr site to have a look at all my photos. These can be found under the set “Food & Restaurants.”


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