Pics of the City

I took a photos while I was shopping the other day. Notice how gray and dull and slightly grainy all the photos are? No, that is not my poor cameraship, that is just what the air is like here. Pollution.

Here is a shot of the stadium, where our bus parks while we are in the city. Inside the stadium there is a huge supermarket, somewhat like a rundown Chinese Wal-mart.

A bicycle parking area, with attendants. You pay the attendant, and he/she watches your bike for you.

The Provincial Museum. Absolutely boring.

The plaza in front of the museum. Often used for dancing, kite flying, expositions and general loitering.

An intersection in front of the museum.

Traffic police

The World Trade Plaza Hotel. One of our favorite places in the city. Here you can eat a really good Western meal at really high prices. (On our standards.) They have the best hamburger and club sandwiches in town and a great buffet.

That’s all for now!


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