Spring Has Sprung – Or is Sprunging as I Write

I didn’t realize that planting posts was the proper way to welcome Spring, but that is exactly what is going on at our academy this week. A long, neat row of sticks appeared overnight a few days ago. My question – are these things going to turn into trees?

This one is trying – see the branch at the top?

Evidently it is not just the school that is also planting posts, a whole field was spotted further down the road:

Other signs that Spring has arrived:
White Blossoms
Above – White Blossoms on what will be either peach, pear or apple trees, in an orchard across the road from our hotel. To the right – trees below my hotel window

These colors are everywhere along the roads. Sure beats dust, dirt and naked trees.

The weather is not Springy. Unless Spring includes dirty, smoky air smelling continuously of chemicals, sand and manure. (Well, maybe the manure technically could be considered Springy.)


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