Weekly Update

Tomorrow I am going to Beijing. I have been asked to be involved in interviewing potential students for the school. I will be assessing their English level. It should be interesting. And if the students come to the school and can’t speak English, it will be my fault!

I’m looking forward to the trip because I love seeing Beijing and getting new perspectives on this crazy country. We are going to try to make it to the Great Wall this time, and maybe do some shopping at some of the cheap markets. (Cheap only if you do some hard bargaining – something I’m not so great at, but you really have to do it or you’ll end up paying three times as much as a local. Now that I get paid local pay, I can’t afford to pay full price!)

I’m packing right now and watching some HBO. As usual, HBO Asia is in top form, playing some of the worst, weirdest and most random movies ever. Really, you turn on the TV just hoping that they’re not playing the same movie you have seen 10 times already – something really heinous like “Frankenfish” or a somewhat decent movie that you’ve never heard of, like “Hollywood Homicide” that has been in heavy rotation. Tonight, “Vampire in Brooklyn” is on. While a really dumb movie, I’m actually pleased because at least it is a movie that hasn’t been shown 3 times this week.

A few days ago there was quite a shiny trilogy of real gems – “Footloose,” “Top Gun,” and “Inner Space” (You know the one where Dennis Quaid gets miniaturized and injected into Martin Short? And he drives a little spaceship through his blood vessels and organs?) Bizarre. It has been on about 5 times recently. I know because I watched it 3 times. Top Gun was interesting. I used to love that movie back when I was 12. Seeing it now I can’t believe how tacky it is.

BBC got scrambled. I don’t think we are going to get it back. Evidently they were reporting about some sort of protest happening somewhere here in China and the screen just went black and it hasn’t been back up since. Gotta love cen&so#rsh*ip!

Our only other English channel is ESPN. For some reason, this version of ESPN only shows snooker and billiards tournaments and the occasional golf game, with TNA wrestling on weekend nights. Not anything I am particularly interested in, but still, I find myself watching it, holding my breath to see if the champion is going to knock the ball in the pocket or not.

Actually I’d better get back to the other side of the room, seems I am missing some of the plot of the vampire movie and lord knows I don’t wanna do that.

So I WILL be posting on my return to the multi-star fabulous Shijiazhuang International Airport Hotel (uh, actually it has 3 stars and is just called the airport hotel, but it makes me feel uppity.)

Have a great weekend wherever it is you are.

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