Weather – Again!

I’m starting to feel like one of those old Southern men who gets together every morning with the other old men at the Dairy Queen or local coffee shop to talk about the weather… But WOW! Today the weather is so fantastic I have to blog about it. Besides, I have nothing else to blog about..

It is about 72 F and 22 C right now. The sun is shining, there are no clouds and the sky is blue! I know all you people in Texas and Toronto and other good-weather places are thinking, “yeah?” But you have to understand that good weather days here are to be enjoyed, celebrated, taken advantage of.

Unfortunately, I am feeling way yucky today, possibly from my hideous diet that has recently mostly included fried rice and french fries. I have a feeling that all the Chinese people here at the airport assume that all Western people eat french fries as a standard issue plate at all meals. As for fried rice, I just can’t get enough of it. True, most of the varieties around here include an unhealthy ladle or two of oil, but it just makes me happy to dive into a bowl of rice, egg, ham bits, carrot bits and cucumber bits. I’m actually addicted to the stuff. Still, I understand that a diet of fried rice alone is not enough.

The Mongols, one of my favorite restaurants here, had been closed for a while after we came back from Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) and I feared that that was it for my cheap delicious eats. Turns out they moved to a new location, down the street, that just opened. This time there are no yurts. 😦  Bummer. But, the new spot is really nice, with individual dining rooms, as is a common custom here in China. And the food continues to be delish and cheap, of course. And they don’t even serve rice! So I think it is a great place for me to go. (At least they didn’t used to. They only served noodles. But I’ve been informed that in their new kitchen they do make rice.) They even have a van and they will come to the hotel to pick us up if we call and ask! That is service.

Well I’m going back to bed to feel sorry for myself since I feel so gross. (It’s 3 PM, that is acceptable, right?) Just when you think you have conquered the stomach issues of China, they strike again.


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