Good Weather Too Good to Be True

I guess the weather has just been too nice and cooperative lately because today was not a nice day at all. There seems to be a layer of dust and sand just hanging over us, so much so that it is actually palpable. Evidently this is the transition to Spring – dust and sand storms. Not very pleasant. I hope it doesn’t last too long. Reminds me of Kuwait.

Anyway, the good news is that almost all of my students passed their English exams. We’ve got  two new classes starting in about a week, so I am still busy planning new lessons.  This teaching business is never ending.

At last it is the weekend and I can relax and sleep in (until 9AM). Our computer has been on the fritz again, mainly because the DH downloaded a virus, but it seems we have got that all sorted out now. I now have internet access at home again.


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