Post-Vacation Blahs

Officially, today 10 instructors moved into brand new rooms at the new Mansion Hotel. The DH and I didn’t move. Why? Why would we not give in to the luxury? Well, it turns out the rooms are a lot smaller than what we have now and we’ve also been told that apartments in the city are getting closer and closer to being reality… Maybe even by next month! AND, they might have a pool. But, we’re not getting too worked up about this. We’ve heard that we are going to move to the city for many months now.

How did it get to be mid-February already? Where does time go? Already we have been back from our vacation for 10 days. It has been a little difficult adjusting back to life in Shijiazhuang. At first I thought it was just China. China is very different from Thailand and Cambodia, and in many ways, life is more difficult here. On our way back from Bangkok we stopped in the Southwestern city of Chengdu and we were pleasantly surprised to find that it is a very modern city, and much different from Shijiazhuang. Perhaps all we have been hearing and reading is true – Shijiazhuang is truly not representative of China. What we need to do is to get out of this city on the weekends and see some of the real China.

Speaking of the real China, we just came from eating at a Hot Pot restaurant. I’ve told you about the experience, but one thing I forgot to mention is the smell. Because of all the steam coming from the pots, the whole restaurant smells up of cooked meat, garlic and who knows what else. It gets in your hair, your clothes, your nose. It is impossible to get rid of. You wake up in the night smelling it, even though you have showered and brushed your teeth 3 times. Just part of the experience. I’m off to try to scrub myself free of it…


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