Happy Friday the 13th!

So far I have escaped any sort of bad luck today, but there are still 2 1/2 hours to go.

Not much new around here, nothing too exciting to update. Tonight, with a few friends, we went to eat at the new Mansion Hotel’s Western-style restaurant. It was pretty good, but I have to admit that their Biological Restaurant is much better. We went there last weekend and I was just blown away by how delicious their sweet & sour pork was.

The sauce was so yummy and fresh is tasted like they had made it with real mandarins. Normally the sauce tastes like it might have come from a bottle, or that at least a bottle of sugar had been added to it, but this sauce tasted of orange and was a bit acidic. I’ve actually been thinking about it way too much this week. I might go bio if I don’t get it again soon. (Going bio must be something like going postal.)

Turns out that our Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) holiday has just been extended by a few days, (we now have 10 days off!), so we are thinking of flying from Beijing to Bangkok, Thailand and spending some time in both Thailand and Cambodia. I am really excited. We are really cutting things close, though, because we haven’t bought our tickets yet. I would say that we just love living on the edge, but I am actually quite stressed out by all of this! What I need is some relaxing time on the beach! Just two more weeks!


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