The Catching Wind Bird Catches Wind

Last night DH and I “cooked” another meal in our room, if making a salad counts as cooking. It was labor-intensive enough to be considered hard work, that’s for sure. Because of my paranoia about raw foods, I had to hand wash every piece of lettuce and then hand dry it. (I’m also a little paranoid about the water, so I wanted to make sure everything was dry.) You try that and see how quickly making a salad wears you out! It turned out delicious, though.

Today was another long day with five hours of teaching. This evening I had two hours of Chinese lessons. I really like the lessons because the two girls who are teaching me are so sweet. Next week I am going to try reviewing English with them, although their English is amazing compared with my Chinese.

Oh!! Shocking news! I just remembered! My bicycle was stolen this weekend!! I was sooooo sad this morning when I went to the bike parking area and I couldn’t find it. It was bound to happen, though, because the bike lock was broken. Oh well, I guess this means I’m going to have to make a trip to the village to buy another one this weekend. Having your bike stolen is so frustrating. This is the second time this year for me. (Once in Toronto and once in China.) It is a long walk from the Academy to the hotel, especially at night!


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