A Most Esteemed Government Official Visits our School

Yesterday, our school was visited by the head of the CAAC – the Civil Aviation Authority of China. This sort of thing is a very big deal here. The road to the Academy from the airport was lined with flags. The campus was spruced up and we were made to hide our bicycles around behind some buildings. A huge red banner welcomed the big guy in both Chinese and English. All of the students and instructors lined up outside to greet him and clap as he arrived, as is the Chinese custom. He then made a quick tour of the school, led by our general manager and president. After a mini-conference, he left the school and flew back to wherever he came from. The whole thing didn’t take more than an hour, but the novelty of it gave the whole day a festive feel. DH and a few others told me that the visit of some government official in their own country wouldn’t cause even the slightest stir. It was very interesting to see how the Chinese reacted. I am just glad that I can park my bicycle in front of the school again.

This is really the only interesting thing that has happened around here lately!! Except the fact that the weather has just been brilliant the whole week. What a sensation! To look up and see blue sky! and the horizon! and the sun is actually yellow, and it hurts to look at it! (Most days here the sun is more of a burnt-orange color and you can look directly at it thanks to the protective pollution layer…ha ha)

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