Satellite Fun

As I was sitting here reading and working on the computer, the TV suddenly came alive, scaring me near to death. See, I had been hoping that BBC or HBO would come back on so I left the TV on. All of a sudden, somebody downstairs must have started changing the satellite channels – turns out we have a lot more channels than I thought. I watched as they channel-surfed. So what do they leave the master channel tuned to????!!!!!!!

PBO – A movie channel from the Philippines!! At least I can understand one word out of every 50 – there are a lot of Spanish words in Tagalog. But what I want to know is, we are in rural China, right? We are lucky if the hotel staff can speak a little English and some Russian. Who the heck is watching Philippino movies? Reminds me of a lot of the nurses I used to work with, though, so that is kind of nice.

Oh wait, they just spoke a few words in English, too. Now there is some sort of Philippino Rap band playing and everyone is dancing hip-hop style, but they keep getting interrupted by a barbershop-quartet 50s style singing group. Hmm… It seems the movie is about a high school reunion. I’m just bored enough to watch it….


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