No HBO? :(

Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhh……. HBO is not working!!!!! It’s just as well. This weekend I tortured myself by watching some horrible “feel-good” Christmas movies, you know the ones that are all based on Scrooge, where a work-obsessed, greedy man or woman get hit on the head and wake up in an alternate life where they are poor housewives with a bunch of kids and a dog or they are husbands and fathers who volunteer their time at homeless shelters…the complete opposite of their crazy, type-A lives, and they discover the meaning of happiness and love and all that… Yeah, I know that in theory those movies are nice and heart-warming and touching. But some of them are just so badly written and they always have B actors that you haven’t seen since they were teenagers on some old TV show. Well, I watched two of those, back to back, only to be treated to something called, “Soccer Dog” in the evening. What a wretched cable TV day!! (And how pathetic that I wasted 6 hours of my life actually watching it!)

We did watch at least one decent movie, “The Incredibles.” (The animated movie about a superhero family.) It was so cute. Now that is the kind of heart-warming family movie I like to watch. I highly recommend it, even if your family is composed of only two grown-up kids, like the DH and I.


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