Happy Tuesday!

Interesting week here at work.

Some of the students that I tutor are having an Aviation English final exam next week so they are all in a tizzy trying to prepare for it. They also have a new class they have to attend so my tutoring load has unexpectedly dropped from five hours a day to more like one or two! (Just for this week.) I have a feeling that the exam is not going to go over well, so I am preparing for an onslaught of extra students needing additional tutoring next week.

The temperatures continue to plummet. The last few days it has been below zero (C). Still no snow, although I have heard there were flurries in Beijing last weekend. I dug out my super-duper long puffy coat, which is fabulous because I feel like I am wrapped up in a down duvet. DH continues to wear his Yukon coat, (The coat my Dad wore over 20 years ago while working in Alaska. DH always says it is the best gift anyone ever gave him), something that makes him resemble a blue “Michelin Man” due to it’s enormously puffy shape.

The Christmas decorations at the hotel keep multiplying. I think the girls decorating are doing it more for themselves than for us. They seem to be enjoying themselves. We now have little bits of tinsel randomly taped to the walls and ceilings, Christmas lights, snowflakes and balloons hanging around and just for fun, sparkly garlands formed into the shape of Chinese characters. I’ll try to get some photos to show all the fun they have been having.

Here is a little anecdote for you on the never-ending staring I encounter day to day. On my way into work this morning, I noticed a man breaking up part of the road with a jackhammer. As I passed by him, he turned 180 degrees around to watch me pass, while jackhammering! It’s amazing the guy has any toes left.

Have a great Tuesday!


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