It’s All About Decadence!

Decadence!! What a day!!! Today the DH and I did some serious shopping in the city. We came home with a new toaster oven, REAL butter and some black pepper cheese slices. So guess what I am eating right now? That’s right… A grilled cheese sandwich. Talk about luxury! I know you’re jealous. Just catch a flight out to Beijing. We’ll have a sandwich waiting for you!

All joking aside, we did have a great day. We took the academy bus in at 9AM. We spent part of the morning exploring a supermarket that we hadn’t been to before and it was fantastic. It is much bigger than the store we usually go to, and had a better selection of foods. After seeing all that food, we were feeling pretty hungry, so we had brunch at a Western style restaurant. (Sometimes you get cravings for Western food and you don’t want to eat McDonald’s.) This restaurant has the cockpit and fuselage of an old airplane inside. We had a leisurely 2 hour lunch, followed by our mega shopping spree at the local department store. Among our decadent purchases was the aforementioned toaster oven and a case of Perrier water for me. I’ve really been missing the bubbly water and when I came across some, well I just went nuts. We made it back to where our bus is usually parked long enough to put our purchases on and run over to the supermarket to pick up some food.

On the way, we discovered what appeared to be an army surplus store! There were fatigues and military equipment from the US, Germany, Russia & China. It was pretty small and didn’t have a lot of stuff, but was still kind of interesting and very random to find something like that here.

By 6PM we were back in our hotel room, setting up the toaster oven and enjoying actually cooking a meal instead of buying one, for a change. It was pure decadence.


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