It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

“… everywhere you go.”

Wait, I am in China, right? Suddenly there are Christmas decorations everywhere!! It all started at our hotel, where out of the blue a few days ago, a giant Santa poster appeared on our door, and the door of every foreigner in our hotel. Then a giant tree appeared in the lobby and garlands, lights and other decorations are now hung from the ceiling and on the windows. Then, in the city, we were surprised to see more decorations, trees and Santa Claus pictures in many different places.

Now that it is steadily getting colder, and with all the decorations, it is definitely starting to feel like the holiday season is coming on us. I have spent some pretty interesting Christmas-times away from the US over the years. In Kuwait, we were surprised by the decorations and the festive atmosphere in shops and restaurants. The highlight was the American Women’s Club’s annual bazaar, where you could find all kinds of gifts to buy. All these years later, I still miss that bazaar, and of course, spending time with my good friends!! In Costa Rica, Christmas was spent at the beach, lazing around, marveling at the warmth and beauty. In Spain, Christmas was celebrated on Christmas Eve with a seafood feast and a present exchange at midnight before heading out to the city streets with friends. In Canada, Christmas was quiet and small and without fuss, since I was usually working. Looks like Christmas in China will be small, but knowing the instructors here and the ease of firework procurement, I doubt it will be quiet!

It’s getting colder and colder but there has been no snow yet, maybe in the next couple of weeks. All of the trees around here are pretty much barren of leaves. The farmer’s fields are still green, though. The days continue to be sunny and fairly clear, although today looks a bit cloudy. We have officially been in China for 3 months! I can’t believe how time flies…


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