Pollution? What Pollution?

Remember how I was saying that Shijiazhuang is the 2nd most polluted city in China? Well this is what it looked like outside this morning:

Don’t see anything above? Well, neither could I this morning, due to the extreme pollution cloud/fog/haze/smoke/wall. Literally, I couldn’t see more than 10 feet in front of my bicycle! There was definitely some type of chemical in the air, too, because I felt light-headed upon arrival to work and I felt like I might choke. Very worrying. Just what exactly is this smoke doing to my body?

There were no new posts over the weekend because our computer is on the fritz. I spent the whole weekend transferring all my files from the computer hard drive to an external hard drive so we can reformat the computer, or throw it out the window, whichever…

On a better note, I have discovered that in addition to HBO, we now have BBC World News Channel on our TV. I thought it was great at first. I was feeling very out of touch with world news lately. But after watching the same news loop over and over again all weekend, (so much that I’ve memorized it – did you know that the Hudson Bay isn’t frozen yet and the polar bears are starving? Or that President Bush was in Beijing on Saturday? Or that the weather is stormy in the Philippines and Sri Lanka? Or that Middle Eastern stock markets are regularly reaching new highs? Just a few of the headlines and news stories I listened to about 20 times!), I’m done with the BBC. For a few days, anyway!


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