Home-Style Cooking

I seem to have a theme going here about meals, so I will tell you about the meal we had tonight at the Russians. By the way, here is a photo of the Russian Restaurant:


That is my bike in the picture, the maroon one. The yellow one has long since died. In fact, here is a photo of it’s unfortunate demise some weeks ago:

yellow bike

Anyway, our friend, the American T, picked up a few cans of Hunt’s Tomato Sauce when he was in the city last night. We took it to the Russians and asked them if they could make us some spaghetti. We also explained how to make garlic bread. They came through for us, producing some slices of white bread with a bit of crushed garlic and some cheese melted on top. (There is not a lot of butter in our region of China, so it wasn’t completely authentic, but good enough.) Somehow they had misunderstood our requests to heat up the sauce for “make the sauce HOT” (spicy) so they added lots of red pepper to the sauce. No matter, it was still very good. Reminded me a lot of home! Like I said before about the Tabasco, it’s the little things that keep life fun & interesting. While many of us complain from time to time, (it’s normal), if we don’t then do things to improve our mood and make ourselves happy we will never be happy!
And that’s my moral to this story.


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