Mansion Hotel Progress

Here is the promised update photo on the mansion hotel’s progress:

Mansion Progress

Progress: the building is painted, a new road, street lights, landscaping… Right on schedule for a December move-in? Nah, I’m not so sure.
This photo was taken around 4:45 PM. Notice the sun setting behind the hotel. Soon enough it will be dark here at 4 PM!!

Wanna see where we live now? Here is our current 3 Star Hotel:

Ya Tai airport hotel

It doesn’t look too bad, right? Appearances can be deceiving!

Both of the above photos were taken on days with decent air quality. In fact, the picture above was taken on one of the most beautiful days I have seen here yet! If you compare the mansion hotel photo to the previous one, in blog entry #50, you will see the difference in a decent day and a mildy smoky day!


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