Another Cheap Meal

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but over and over again I am truly astounded by prices here. DH and I just came from dinner – at the Mongols. We had one bowl each of noodles with a delicious soy based sauce and a platter of stewed eggplant with tomatoes and green peppers. It was a very satisfying meal and I am completely full. It cost $1.25. In total. Not per person. 10 yuan total. Unbelievable. When was the last time you had a full meal for that kind of money? Even if we had a kitchen, I’m fairly sure I would never be able to buy and cook something for only $1.25.

Here is a photo taken a couple of months ago at the Mongols:


There are two types of yurts. One is the traditional kind as seen in the photo, and the other is made of concrete. Most all of these yurts have banquete style seating made from concrete. There are pipes running through the concrete to heat the seat in the winter. It will be just perfect when it’s freezing outside – as you sit, the radiant heat rises up under the ‘ol bottom and leaves you nice and cozy.


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